Pig ‘N’ Whistle Third Avenue – Midtown East, Manhattan

Pig ‘N’ Whistle Third Avenue – Midtown East, Manhattan – September 13, 2015

This afternoon my husband and I met our friend, Tony, at the Third Avenue location of Pig ‘N’ Whistle in Midtown East. This is one of several locations in Manhattan. These restaurants are all Irish pubs. We chose this location because it was easy for us to reach from our home in Queens and for Tony from his home.

As is customary in restaurants on Sundays in New York City, the restaurant offered a brunch menu. I ordered a Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale to start. While the beer had a lovely caramel color, and was flavorful, I was unable to detect any actual pumpkin flavor. Quite disappointing. I was in the mood for a salad, so I ordered the Blackened Chicken Taco Salad. My husband ordered the Irish Breakfast.

The salad came with romaine lettuce, avocado, cheddar, red onion, kidney beans, plum tomatoes, crispy tortillas, and chipotle ranch dressing. I am not a fan of ranch dressing in any form, so I substituted salsa and sour cream. I had hoped the salad would come in a tortilla shell bowl. Instead, it was topped with tortilla strips. The salad was good, and I was pleased that they used romaine lettuce rather than iceberg. Beyond that, I found the salad to be filling but unremarkable.

I tasted things from my husband’s Irish breakfast. It came with eggs, Irish sausage, Irish bacon, black and white pudding, grilled tomato, baked beans, and a side of toast. I tasted a little bit of everything, and it was all very good. All of the meats were quite savory and flavorful. The beans were tender and the sauce did not overwhelm their flavor.

With tax and tip, the meal came to approximately $25.00 a person split between the three of us.

Foreground (Clockwise from Top Left): Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale, Blackened Chicken Taco Salad, and Irish Breakfast Background: Glass Partition and Table

Foreground (Clockwise from Top Left): Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale, Blackened Chicken Taco Salad, and Irish Breakfast Background: Glass Partition and Table

Accessibility Rating for Pig ‘N’ Whistle Third Avenue

I used my wheelchair to visit Pig ‘N’ Whistle Third Avenue.

  • Entryway – 5: There are two doors: one outside and one interior door just past the vestibule. They appeared to be narrow, but I was able to pass through without a problem. Both doors were open when we arrived due to warm weather. There are no stairs at the entrance.  The transition from the sidewalk to the inside of the restaurant was smooth.

    Entrance showing narrow door


  • Bathroom (Men’s) 0: The door frame was too narrow for me to pass through to use the bathroom. What made this worse was that when I called the day before, I specifically asked the staff member who answered the phone if the restaurant, its entrance, and the bathroom are wheelchair accessible. Twice she responded in the affirmative. This demonstrates a lack of understanding on her part of what wheelchair accessibility means and looks like. She told me that she has seen people in wheelchairs in the restaurant before, but this does not necessarily mean the entire space is accessible, which she did not understand. While I was there I addressed these issues with the manager, who said that he will address them.
  • Walkways/Space – 3: The interior space was largely passable, with the exception of the bathroom door. The space is moderately lit. There was loud music playing while we ate. I was unable to fit underneath the table even with my footrests lifted up. I had to transfer to a chair to be able to sit comfortably at the table.

    Left: Dining Area Right: Bar Area with wooden bar and liquor bottles on display behind the bar

    Left: Dining Area      Right: Bar Area

  • Staff – 2: Upon our arrival, the hostess moved a chair from the table so I could attempt to fit underneath the table in my wheelchair. This was helpful. The reason for the lower score is due to the aforementioned experience where I asked a staff member over the phone about accessibility and was told the bathroom was wheelchair accessible. She was so sure that it is accessible solely on the basis of previously seeing someone who used a wheelchair in the restaurant. This is no way to make a determination of accessibility.
  • Braille Menus: They do not have Braille menus.

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